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The PCB Expansion card (STANDARD SET) that we sell contains  the standard  PCB and 2 ROM Sound chips.

The ZIF PCB Expansion card (ZIF SET) that we sell contains the ZIF  PCB and   3 ROM Sound chips .

The instruction manual for the  PCB expansion cards can be downloaded HERE.

There is a separate instruction manual covering use of the ROM CHIPS and details of the ROM CHIP LIBRARY.

This instruction manual is regularly updated as new ROM chips are made available. Download the ROM CHIP MANUAL HERE

The PCB Expansion card is designed to fit into any free front card slot on the DDD-1 

or in one of the back  slots of the DDD-5

The gold plated edge connectors ensure good electrical contact with the DDD1/5  card sockets.

Picture above showing The PCB Expansion card (STANDARD)  fitted with a  32pin "Analogue percussion " Sound rom chip.

zif expansion card

Picture above showing The ZIF (zero insertion force)  PCB Expansion card. This card enables quick and easy swapping of  rom chips.

Please note that most of  the ROM chips supplied are 28pin chips, but are otherwise  identical specifications  to the 32pin  shown above.

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