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 PCB Here you will find more information about the PCB expansion card and ROM chips 

Q. What Drum machines will it work in?

A. The Sound Chip and PCB Expansion card will work with the DDD-1 and DDD-5

It has been fully tested with these machines to make sure it is fully compatible.

It has not been tested in the DRM-1  (rack mounted korg machine), but in theory ,it should work with that too.

 The Sound Chip and PCB Expansion card will NOT work with any other drum machine or any other Korg



A.  ROM  stands for  "READ ONLY MEMORY"

The Sound Chip can hold up to 8  sampled sounds( depending on the length of the sampled sounds)  and is recognised by 
the DDD-1/5  as a ROM sound card,

All  the sounds can be tuned and the decay times altered, assigned to pads/ outputs  etc  just like the internal

sounds, they are polyphonic too (like  internal or card sounds) and can be layered etc.

The rom chip is  a standard size DIL (dual inline package) and plugs into the add on PCB.

Q. Can I overwite the sounds on the chip with my own samples?

A.  Sorry,no,it is a Read Only Chip(ROM)

you need to change the sound chip itself for another pre programmed sound chip

to get new sounds.Different sound chips will be available soon.

Q. Is it similar to the KORG SAMPLE EXPANSION BOARD,Can you Sample your own sounds with it?

A. No, You cannot overwrite the samples on the chip with your own,

it is not a sampling expansion board option for the DDD-1.

Q. Does it UPGRADE or add any new functions to the DDD-1/5 operating system?

A. No, the expansion card does not change or add any functions to the operating system

 inside the DDD-1 /5 machines and it does not change the way you program rhythmns

or anything like that,it is not an " O/S "  (operating system) upgrade.
The card simply adds  NEW sounds to your machine , to expand the sounds on your

DDD-1/5.and  they work in just the same way as the old ROM cards do.

The expansion card has just  the same  functionality as the old ROM memory cards.

Q. What is a PCB?

A.  PCB  stands for "Printed Circuit Board"

The PCB Expansion card is required to hold the Sound chip, so the sound chip can be used in the DDD-1/5

drum machines.

 The Sound Chip is plugged into the ROM sound card socket on the DDD-1 or DDD-5, just like the old ROM cards from KORG.

The ROM chip is held in place by  a  socket on the PCB expansion card.

This enables the user to  change the ROM Sound chip when required.

Q. Do I need to do any modifications to  the  DDD-1/5, so I can use  the PCB Expansion card?

A. No, you just use it like a normal ROM card, and no mods are needed internally on the machines.

For DDD-1 users it will mean that the "DOOR" on the front of the DDD-1  will be unable to close, due to the size of the

PCB and ROM chip. on some users machines , this may be missing anyway so its not a great problem

For DDD-5 owners its no problem as it plugs in to the back card sockets (Piggy-back style)

PLEASE NOTE this PCB is currently under development and the design may change from time to time.

We reserve the right to change the design and appearance of the PCB Expansion Board and ROM sound chips without notice

PCB expansion card Version 1.0

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