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New KORG DDD1/5  ROM CHIPS  To fit the PCB Expansion Board , Check news updates as we will post regular updates on our progress

On this page there are some examples of what the ROM sound chips sound Like


Download Rom Chip Library manual here

Right click and choose "save as".

The file is PDF format

LISTEN TO THE ROM CHIPS HERE ON THIS PAGE !!  (demos in mp3 format)

The Table below shows Rom chips which are available 

Please note  !  You can not use the ROM chips on their own , the ROM chips are designed to fit into  

the Socket on a  Standard or ZIF  PCB Expansion card to be able to use  them with the korg DDD1 or 

Korg DDD5.

If you do not have a PCB EXPANSION card,  please order  an expansion card set

 before ordering  individual ROM chips, Thanks.    ( Please Contact:    if you are not sure)

TR808   Kit   DEMO1    listen 
TR 909 Kit         DEMO2    listen 
TR 909 TOMS     ( 3 TOM samples from TR909)  NEW!!DEMO3    listen 
TR 727  Percussion R7(Congas, Bongos,Agogos and woodblock percussion sounds from the TR727)NEW!!DEMO4     listen 
Analogue Percussion  VOL1   features  sounds from TR606,CR78 and others and contains  7 sounds on the  chip . DEMO5    listen 
DEMO6    listen 
Simmons SDS V     DEMO7    listen
Mattel drum box  ( 4 great analogue  percussion sounds)    DEMO8     listen
Vintage Beat-box    classic analogue drum machine sounds DEMO9      Listen
Latin Percussion 1   DEMO11    Listen
If you already own a PCB expansion card and you wish to order extra  ROM CHIPS from the above list
You must already have a
PCB expansion card  to be able to use the ROM CHIPS

Price are as follows:
 1 ROM CHIP 20 each inc P+P    ( there is a discount if you order more than 1 rom chip at the same time)
additional ROM CHIPs  15 each   (if ordered at the same time)
Example of costs are below:
1  ROM CHIP  20  inc P+P
ROM CHIPs  35   inc P+P
3  ROM CHIPs  50   inc P+P
Please check the NEWS page for availablity  of ROM chips

for more information  on ordering separate rom chips to expand your existing library , please


All of  ROM chips have  very " usable "sounds

for  programming exciting beats on the DDD 1/5! !

please have a listen to the demos

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